Support Means Everything

Another quickie because we’re kind of in crisis mode over some issues with my partner (she’ll be ok, just have to get her some help with some things) . . .

My Mom works in “non-medical” healthcare and offered to price my HRT herbal regimen through her suppliers bc obviously wholesale was going to save me money. When I saw her this past Saturday she hands me a bag- a full month of everything. I told her I had only asked her to price everything. She said she didn’t care what I asked, she bought them. And she was going to continue to buy them because I “need them” and it’s more expense than she wants me to try to shoulder and she wouldn’t hear anything else about it.

I don’t know how some of you do this without full family support. You’re stronger than I am, I can tell ya that


3 thoughts on “Support Means Everything

    1. I totally understand. I am so grateful to have a supportive partner, friends and Mother. I havent come out to anyone else in my family yet. Not ready to tell my Dad and brother- pretty sure they’d be supportive but it’s still scary. Good luck to you ❤

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