Month: September 2016

Blurring the lines

So, as you dear readers know, I’m like totally in the closet. 12 people who know me in real life know that Kelli exists. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to hide, but for now my life is much, much easier if I keep this on the down-low and there’s too much at stake to risk it.

But I wish I could flaunt it. So, I do little things. I’ve had more ear piercings, I wear my hair long. Nothing that makes any difference if you didn’t know, but *I* know. It helps.

So I’ve found a “handbag” I like. It doesn’t look like a handbag, and having to keep meds with me and whatnot it makes sense that I’d have a bag, but in my head and heart it’s totally my purse. Yes, I know purses aren’t inherently feminine and there are lots of cultures where men carry bags. Don’t harsh my mellow. I’m getting a purse.



Inside, it’s leggings weather. Yay!

Outside, it is not yet “keep my leggings on under my jeans because it feels better and I’m still “dressed” kind of even tho it’s hidden” weather yet. 😦