Blurring the lines

So, as you dear readers know, I’m like totally in the closet. 12 people who know me in real life know that Kelli exists. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to hide, but for now my life is much, much easier if I keep this on the down-low and there’s too much at stake to risk it.

But I wish I could flaunt it. So, I do little things. I’ve had more ear piercings, I wear my hair long. Nothing that makes any difference if you didn’t know, but *I* know. It helps.

So I’ve found a “handbag” I like. It doesn’t look like a handbag, and having to keep meds with me and whatnot it makes sense that I’d have a bag, but in my head and heart it’s totally my purse. Yes, I know purses aren’t inherently feminine and there are lots of cultures where men carry bags. Don’t harsh my mellow. I’m getting a purse.


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