Hair Removal Sucks . . . Less

Sisters (and brothers with interest in more extreme grooming), I am a convert, here now to preach the glory of sugaring!!


Yeah, it kinda hurts a little. But it WORKS. Applying the paste pulls the hairs a bit, but actually snapping the paste off hurts less. I’m an ample gal, so it wasn’t always easy to keep my skin taught (which makes the snap off more effective and hurts less). The after-wards pain is literally no more than a really mild sunburn, exactly comparable to what I feel when I’ve used Nair. I did my stomach because that’s my hardest area to deal with (shaving irritation, you understand). I have to let my chest hair grow out for a couple days; it’s too short right now. The result is totally hairless, perfectly smooth exfoliated skin. Divine.

I won’t rehash the 2,417 blogs and videos out there. I’ll just hit some tips:

  • Some of the tutorials on home-making paste out there talk about using the color of the boil to know when it’s done. Bad idea. Chemically, you’re making candy. Color is a function of how hot, how fast, for how long. Consistency is a matter of highest boil temp. I went for halfway between soft ball (~240F) and hard ball (~260F) stage. If you want it darker, use lower heat which takes longer to get to temp but caramelizes the sugar more. If you want it done faster, use higher heat and be prepared to pull it off the heat as soon as it reaches temp. Mine came out a touch lighter than honey. Once I worked it a bit in my hands, consistency was perfect. As you go and the wad fills with hair, I can see how darker paste is less gross looking
  • Think about your container before you start. I grabbed a 1qt mason jar. When all was said and done, even though it was a wide-mouth, I couldn’t get my hand down in it to get the paste out and had to use a butter knife. Whoops.
  • Keep the area you’re working powdered but your hands clean as a you go. I had problems with sticking that turned out to be because I was getting talc on my hands as I went. Rinsing my hands in warm enough water to melt the sugar paste worked wonders; light dry on a towel and back at it. A little bit of moisture did not affect the paste’s stickiness at all (well, one time it did but kneading the paste wad for a second took care of it)
  • I think I’m going to get a big soft makeup brush to distribute talc as I go
  • Keep your skin taught. Really. Did I say that up there? Yes. I’m saying it again because it’s probably the most important thing I learned. Makes such a difference
  • Follow-up. I used witch hazel after and make sure you have a good lotion with aloe around

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