Hair removal sucks

I knew the first time I shaved that it was right for me. But OMG it’s such a pain. And I put it off, which makes it worse. And my body hair doesn’t have a simple grow direction- it’s like every hair is trying to be a special little snowflake and choose its OWN direction in life.  I was turned on to sugaring by a friend via a YouTube video. I looked at some options online for kits but the ones that were supposed to be the best according to one source arrived in unusable states according others. And I don’t have $20 or more to waste.

But I do have a kitchen. And it’s just simple candy (and knowing that, the folks receiving kits that are too soft to use are probably getting ones that weren’t held at the right temp in transit). And I found a lot of DIY guides. So my first batch of sugaring paste is cooling on the counter right now.  Here’s hoping it goes well. Can’t be worse than shaving, has to last longer than Nair. And shaving.

And my purse isn’t here yet, BTW. Grrrr, international delivery.


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