Month: January 2017


So, I wasn’t ready to come out to the closest straight men in my life. I knew *logically* they would accept it for the most part, but there was still that fear of rejection and judgment.

Circumstances made that decision for me. I had to come out to my brother because there’s no way I can move my stuff without him, and he’s gonna see all my dresses and shoes. It went great. Then I had to come out to my adopted sister’s husband bc I can’t have one brother knowing and one in the dark. It also went great. Then my Mom started urging me to let her tell my Dad (we had already decided she should tell him; my Dad’s initial reactions to things aren’t often what he ends up feeling once he thinks about something) so he can understand part of what I’m going through with this whole move/mortality situation. So she told him, and he not only was OK with it, he told her he had a feeling something was up but he didn’t know what or why.

So, in a matter of days, my IRL circle of support has grown by almost half. It’s really liberating. And knowing I can be me in my little space without having to worry about people wondering wtf is up if I take awhile to answer my door is amazing. Last night I felt comfortable enough to sleep in a nightgown again. I’m not ready to present in front of the family, but knowing they’re ready for it when I am means a lot.



So my partner and I have come to a place where we will be better off in separate places. The stress of trying to take care of each others medical needs is just too much for a relationship to bear. It’s bittersweet, but I think it’s the right thing for us.