Hair removal sucks

I knew the first time I shaved that it was right for me. But OMG it’s such a pain. And I put it off, which makes it worse. And my body hair doesn’t have a simple grow direction- it’s like every hair is trying to be a special little snowflake and choose its OWN direction in life.  I was turned on to sugaring by a friend via a YouTube video. I looked at some options online for kits but the ones that were supposed to be the best according to one source arrived in unusable states according others. And I don’t have $20 or more to waste.

But I do have a kitchen. And it’s just simple candy (and knowing that, the folks receiving kits that are too soft to use are probably getting ones that weren’t held at the right temp in transit). And I found a lot of DIY guides. So my first batch of sugaring paste is cooling on the counter right now.  Here’s hoping it goes well. Can’t be worse than shaving, has to last longer than Nair. And shaving.

And my purse isn’t here yet, BTW. Grrrr, international delivery.


Blurring the lines

So, as you dear readers know, I’m like totally in the closet. 12 people who know me in real life know that Kelli exists. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to hide, but for now my life is much, much easier if I keep this on the down-low and there’s too much at stake to risk it.

But I wish I could flaunt it. So, I do little things. I’ve had more ear piercings, I wear my hair long. Nothing that makes any difference if you didn’t know, but *I* know. It helps.

So I’ve found a “handbag” I like. It doesn’t look like a handbag, and having to keep meds with me and whatnot it makes sense that I’d have a bag, but in my head and heart it’s totally my purse. Yes, I know purses aren’t inherently feminine and there are lots of cultures where men carry bags. Don’t harsh my mellow. I’m getting a purse.


Inside, it’s leggings weather. Yay!

Outside, it is not yet “keep my leggings on under my jeans because it feels better and I’m still “dressed” kind of even tho it’s hidden” weather yet. 😦


So, I have now phased in the final pill in my herbal HRT regimen. So far no negative side effects (other than something a lot like PMS, as mentioned before, which i guess is a sign of success, lol).

I’m taking a combination of Black Cohosh, Fenugreek, Vitex (aka Chasteberry), Pueraria Mirifica and Maca root. Right now I’m taking the “standard” dose of all and plan to start doubling one at a time in a few months. People who hadn’t seen me in awhile claim to notice changes in my face, my skin is definitely softer, and body/facial hair regrowth is definitely slowed and thinner.

I’m happy with it. Very.

Trans PMS?

I’m grumpy, irritable, and just in an all around bad mood.

My partner pointed out that almost exactly 28 days ago I was also grumpy, irritable, and in an all around bad mood. She thinks it’s “cute”.

Support Means Everything

Another quickie because we’re kind of in crisis mode over some issues with my partner (she’ll be ok, just have to get her some help with some things) . . .

My Mom works in “non-medical” healthcare and offered to price my HRT herbal regimen through her suppliers bc obviously wholesale was going to save me money. When I saw her this past Saturday she hands me a bag- a full month of everything. I told her I had only asked her to price everything. She said she didn’t care what I asked, she bought them. And she was going to continue to buy them because I “need them” and it’s more expense than she wants me to try to shoulder and she wouldn’t hear anything else about it.

I don’t know how some of you do this without full family support. You’re stronger than I am, I can tell ya that