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No offense meant, but . . .

I’m not a very politically correct transgender woman. I had a hard time connecting with most of the trans people I met in the Reddit forums when I started seeking out information for my impending journey. They mostly seemed young, thin, and fairly liberal leaning in their politics. They worry a lot about offense and hurt feelings.

And I get it. A lifetime of little micro-aggressions is like being bit by mosquitoes perpetually for your whole life- one bite is nothing, but the psychological toll of never-ending bites is just excruciating. I *totally* get that.

But that sort of thing makes me defiant. It makes me want to take on every mosquito out there, as well as the blackflies and the chiggers and the yellowjackets and the scorpions and spiders and and and I’ve probably taken this analogy too far. But the point is, my response is to fight. Yes, I recognize that I might have the inclination and ability to do that because I *didn’t* have so many mosquito bites, but I don’t think that matters, because I’m not telling people to ignore their mosquitos. I’m saying I want to kill EVERYONE’s mosquitos and if you can help, rock on with your self and get the fuck in here. If you can’t, take a knee. We got this.

It’s why I LOVE that T-word slur people throw at us. I revel in it. Yes, that one. NO, I’m not gonna say it here because it *does* upset some people, but for me it’s a badge of honor. It’s taking what they try to insult me with and throwing it back in their faces. I own it. I strut in it. I take it as a mantle to represent every other woman who was cut down by it. Fuck you, fuck your silly words. I’m stronger than your words.

I’ve been doing more hiding than fighting until recently. I had some good excuses, maybe some of them even valid. But while my gender is not what I used to think it was, my spirit and character remain unchanged. I’m just way more fucking fabulous now.


Can Someone Explain Why We’re Supposed To Be Democrats?

I will not talk about politics.

I will not talk about politics.

I will not talk about politics.

Screw it.

Why in hell does nearly the entire LGBT community think that the Democratic party in the US is the party of LGBT rights? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama BOTH spoke out AGAINST marriage equality as recently as 4 years ago. Obama went ON RECORD during his first term as saying that such issues were a “state matter” and “not for the federal government to decide” yet seems more than happy to take credit for the recent Supreme Court decision. And are we so short on memory that we forget that Bill Clinton signed that atrocious Defense of Marriage Act which defined marriage as “one man and one woman” (and was later thankfully struck down as unconstitutional) ? Or all the time the Democrat party had control of the White House AND Congress and chose to do NOTHING to help LGBT rights?

At least we know the modern Republican Party leadership doesn’t support us.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party has had LGBT rights/equality as an official part of the platform since the 1970s. I recently brought this up in a Reddit thread talking about Sanders (don’t get me started on the cesspool that is Reddit and my love/hate relationship with the trans subs there; that’s another post in itself) and was “refuted” with more untruths than a Rush Limbaugh vs Rachel Maddow debate (despise them both, btw). My favorite was the one where I was “provided” with an article about Rand and Ron Paul. Pretty sure the R after the name doesn’t mean Libertarian, little campers.

It’s time the LGBT community in the US stopped falling for this pandering bullshit every election and throw our support behind a party that actually supports us, and doesn’t just lie to us every November and dump us by Christmas like a cheap lover avoiding having to buy a gift. Libertarian, Green, I don’t care…..just stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Red and Blue are the same damn flavor.